At Palm Valley Pony Parties we bring our pony to your location or local parks.  We have been in business since 1999 serving St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Green Cove Springs and parts of Jacksonville and the beaches.  Our pony is very well kept and will always be cleaned and groomed for your children and guest.  No doubt that you will be proud to show off our pony to all your friends and family.


We own Norwegian Fjord ponies.  The Fjord is one of the oldest breeds in existence today, Fjords back over 2,000 years to viking burial sites.  Used by vikings as war horses, these strong and versatile steeds were also used for agriculture and transportation.  Today's Fjords have retained their primitive coloring and markings.  All Fjords are a shade of dun, with brown being the most common, sporting zebra markings on their legs and having  a morsel stripe that runs from their forelock all the way to their tail!  A unique feature of this breed is their mane, which is cut short and trimmed in a recent shape, stands erect and exhibits a dark stripe in the middle surrounded by white outer hair.  Were it left alone, the mane would grow as long as that of any other breed.

The modern Fjord of the best type stands at 13-14 hh (52-56 inches) It is compact and strongly muscled and has short limbs with plenty of bone.  The head is wide, with small ears and is of pony type.

They are know for their calm and loving attitude that makes them perfect for parties.

Give us a call today to book one of the most memorable pony parties you could give your child!

Within a thirty mile radius of my farm in World Golf Village

It's $375 an hour for the pony dressed in your theme 

Call for prices over thirty miles